Prologue Final Part 7 – RAF The Battle of Britain – “Live” solitaire campaign. “Only 1 day is left, only 1 day”

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, wargames chrome, West End Games
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Only one day is left, only one day….

Aug 10 3 Aug 10 4         The immortal opening lines to Laibach‘s B Mashina (and also used to effect for the Iron Sky soundtrack) almost appear pre-cognisant for my use in the build up. So the wait is finally over.  Battle lines are drawn, RAF Fighter Command Group Hq’s stand ready at their plotting tables, Sector Controls are fully manned. Airfield ground crew nervously glance at the Squadron telephone. Elsewhere the RDF Chain Home Stations wait for traffic from their transmitter and receiver sets. The Observer Corps take up position in their coastal bunkers, binoculars in hand scanning the skies. Everything for the time being is quiet.  But across the Channel a leviathan stirs.  Engines from over 2000 aircraft are meticulously checked, Piloten from Fighter, Zerstorer / Jabo, Bomber & Reconnaissance Gruppen stand at the ready.

Unternehmen Adlerangriff (Operation Eagle attack) is about to commence.

But what of the weather? Forecast for 11th – 60% chance of heavy rain in the morning, gradually improving with sunny intervals and light cloud later in the day. Outlook for the week ahead, Cloudy with sunny intervals.

Now the the chrome.  Attached below (the red text) a “light” version of my Variant Units publication covering rules for the non standard game units in play this time.

RAF and Luftwaffe variant units

And finally for atmosphere, its back to Laibach and B Mashina.


  1. I love Laibach! Thanks for article!

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