British continuity television announcers sink to new lows

Posted: August 7, 2013 in we disapprove
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 TV continuity announcers. Now don’t get me wrong, my Northern accent is long gone and although I appear to speak a form of ‘Ershamese which is nothing to be proud of I do try to actually use proper vocabulary with a neutral accent. So at the risk of sounding like even more of an old fart than I actually am I’m going to have a rant.

Being  old enough to remember 3 tv channels with everyone speaking the Queens English its only fair or inevitable to keep up with the times and not alienate large swathes of the country by having a few presenters here and there with regional accents.  But the flood gates opened some years ago as the tv channels vied against each other trying to find the next “cool” accent whether it was scouse, cockney, glaswegian, or west country etc.

That was just about bearable until someone somewhere decided that they needed to go a step further and use extreme examples of “comedy” colloquial accents that incredibly they thought the viewing public would actually think cool.  I can only assume that their research was based on inner city deprived 12 year old oiks comments or those with a dangerously low IQ level.

So what was conceived was ch4’s oh so hilarious big brother continuity geordie announcer. Amusing maybe the first time by the second time I heard it I had already switched channels and they had lost me.  But the damage was done as pillocks in tv company ivory towers sought to compete.

Next up South Park and an exaggerated South London black accent where the announcer reading from a screen that warns the viewers about the content inexplicably either can’t or chooses not to say the on screen word “viewers” but replaces it with “peepull”

It gets worse. Channel 5 never wanting to be outdone in scraping the barrel then start using a welsh nit whose accent is so far off its how I imagine Edward II sounded when he came face to face with his red hot poker at Berkeley castle. Currently heard after The Walking Dead and Love/Hate serials.

And then the final straw in our inescapable decent into chavdom. The BBC, that bastion of honesty and fairness and all things wholesome – jimmy Saville, phone in scams…… well anyway.  As usual behind the curve they use one of their radio presenters to do the continuity for “down with the kids” BBC3.  This specimens name is Jen Long. Clearly too cool to be known as Jennifer and having just heard it being interviewed its quite capable of speaking almost normally. But put her in front of a bbc3 mic and ………………gods holy trousers, I’ve heard 3 year olds with better pronounciation. Its not cool and its not clever luv. You sound like you’re taking the mikey out of someone with learning difficulties. Please please BBC, sack her NOW!

And just to make matters worse its infiltrated our adverts as well (for example the Brixton vodaphone bee ads and the use of the word “powah” instead of power.

God knows what would Kenneth Williams would have said?


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