Prologue Part 5 – RAF The Battle of Britain – “Live” solitaire campaign. Fighter Commands Arsenal

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Battle of Britain, RAF, wargames, wargames chrome, West End Games
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5 days to go

As Zero hour approaches its time for a sneek peak of the aircraft Fighter Command can call on. Images courtesy of Wings Pallette Note not to a uniform scale.


Hurricane MkI. The less glamorous but most common fighter


Supermarine Spitfire Mk1. One of most beautiful fighters of all time


Bristol Blenheim MkIF. No match for Luftwaffe fighters so quickly switched to night-time interception operations. Some Sqns equipped with secret airborne intercept radar.


Boulton Paul Defiant MkI. Much maligned fighter with no forward firing mg’s. 2 Sqns were equipped and suffered astronomical casualties. Later switched to a night-time interceptor role that it fulfilled successfully.


Gloster Gladiator MkII. Britains last bi-plane fighter. Rugged and a match for other bi-planes but obsolete compared to modern fighters. One Sqn was equipped performing without much success. Eventually replaced and given secondary roles

v ful

Fairey Fulmar MkI – 808 Fleet Air Arm Sqn was thus equipped and assigned to Fighter Command to patrol the western approaches. Saw active service but had no combat success

v beau

Bristol Beaufighter MkIF. Introduced to replace the Blenheim. Still slow compared to other fighters it achieved some success during night patrols with radar interception equipment during the blitz.

v whirl

Westland Whirlwind. – Secretly tested in Scotland in July 1940 but owing to problems with the Rolls Royce peregrine engines not fully operational until December. A beauty but therefore a hypothetical unit for the “What if?” factor.


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