FERAL – Logophile entry #6

Posted: August 4, 2013 in musings, Words

I love this word, it really makes me chuckle, probably as my first introduction to it was Mum describing my disconcerting look in one of those horrible naff school photo’s (Why do parents do it?) Anyway having stored it in my memory a few years later I was reminded of it again when I was presented with another portrait but this time of the wife which with that piercing look reminds me more of Damiens sister!  Gods holy trousers, even worse was to follow with one of the mother-in-law during her childhood in an untamed state.  Note both are still proudly displayed in the house despite my less than complimentary comments.  It would seem that in your formative years its a common trait. Well I hope it is otherwise a lot of people around me including myself are all displaying some form of lycanthropic wildness.



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