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Posted: August 3, 2013 in Garden visitors, musings

In a break from my RAF game build up its time to celebrate a few shots of recent garden visitors deserving of special mention.  The week began badly with our 15 year old cat who has shown no interest in birds for many years successfully catching and eating whole a baby sparrow from one of the nearby families.  Even more unpleasant as we had to endure a whole afternoon and evening of the parents calling out for their lost baby.  The drama continued 2 days later with a downed Swift, bedraggled and just waiting to be discovered by the feline Gaius, aka the Sussex Sparrow murderer.  With help from the RSPCA albeit it 8 hours later he was successfully relaunched so feeling a bit happier after mourning poor old Ray Turdus Merula’s demise I’ve decided to put up some pics of our most recent visitors.  From the return of James cock Robin to the most recent arrival of a juvenile female blackbird determined not to miss out on the new bird feeder.


Who me? If its good enough for the tits and sparrows its good enough for me


Broadsword Dunnock to Danny Boy,Broadsword Dunnock to Danny boy no sign of vulgar robin. Prepare to dive and engage beak


Blue tit calculating whether new garden feature can be mated with, used as a posh armitage shanks or an exclusive tits only bird feeder


Poor Icarus Swift, after making a forced landing flying too long in the rain and being unable to take off. 8 hours later after 5 abortive attempts with help from the RSPCA I got this dude and his rather unpleasant parasite passenger airborne


Juvenile he/she blackbird (or thrush?) refusing to heed the “tits only” sign and gamely tucking into the fat ball remnants and joyous morsels contained within

  1. t-girl72 says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ this post and all of our frequent visitors that wait patiently for me to finish gardening before they dive into the borders! Washing up is a joy when they all arrive! LOL! xxxx

  2. t-girl72 says:

    The ❤ is meant to be a heart!!!!

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