FRACTIOUS – Logophile entry #5

Posted: July 9, 2013 in musings, RAF, West End Games, Words
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Yep, those who know me know just how much I like to use this word. One in my arsenal for many many years and too cool for school. Whether its describing my darkening mood after watching the latest attempt on tv by Moffatt and co to destroy the sanctity of the classic Whoniverse by doing yet another redesign on a favourite Doctor Who monster from the classic canon just to sell another action toy, or my feelings after rolling ANYTHING but another sodding 1 on a d6 for the nth time at the most critical stage in just about any dice rolling board/wargame I play.

BUT like a top trumps superhero card, this word has has special powers. Just by using it, my mood almost always lightens a little and I become more content.  So in a weird way when I’m in a fractious state just by mentioning the word it starts to have the opposite effect on me compared to its definition.  Well I know what I’m trying to say, I just don’t seem to be able to articulate it…………(articulate………hmmm………………..)

So as we approach the final countdown to my latest attempt to stave off invasion over 1940 Britain under the auspices of a LIVE real time (sort of) version of West End Games’ RAF Wargame its inevitable that this word will be given pride of place very quickly into the campaign.



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