That legendary “FFS Murray” moment

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Crystal Palace, sport
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Just a few weeks to go till the next chapter and baptism of fire for Crystal Palace FC in the Premier League. Despite being an ardent Palace supporter for 35 years, to be one is to know less than your fair share of ups and a whole lot more than your fair share of downs. So lets be under no illusions, staving off relegation will be a massive task considering the resources available to the other clubs established there. 40 points seems an almost a insurmountable task but we earnt that right and like a Spitfire Summer we will give it everything we’ve got. And of course at the time of writing we are joint top of the league……(check the league tables for 8th July if you don’t believe me)
So these little sub 2 minute clips are to remind us that no matter how bad it gets, we will always have the honour of being the first club to destroy our arch rivals (Brightons) home undefeated league record at their brand spanking new plastic stadium in 2011/12, then in 2013 we did it again to earn a wembley play-off final place, £120M, and consign the Weed to an eternity of despair.
Glenn Murray was a Brighton player who switched allegiance to Palace on a free transfer claiming amongst other things and quite rightly that Palace had more ambition. Last season he was the 3rd highest goalscorer in all of Europe (taking in the top 2 divisions of every European league) behind only Messi & Ronaldo. The first clip was taken by Brighton fans in their end just minutes after they had gone 2-1 down to Palace and after leading 1-0 from the 7th minute up to the 80th minute. The Palace fans at the far end of the ground are in full song adding only to the Weed fans realisation that they may be about to never live the moment down. Then up steps Glenn Murray and a Brighton fans desperate remark enters Palace folklore. The second clip is the party mix!

WARNING the second F in the title is a use of colloquial Anglo-Saxon that some listeners may find offensive

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