v1 v2Yes, just a few weeks to go before this years attempt at a live game version of West End Games’ RAF solitaire wargame.  Last years effort ended in a detailed defeat for the RAF after just 9 days so hopefully I can do a bit better this time and I’m a lot more confident after the relative success of my last non live game where I managed to fight to a draw and as per history force Hitler to cancel his invasion plans.

Each day will be fought on the actual day of the battle (commencing 11th August) and using the weather conditions that are outside my window.

The next game will also feature the painted Bristol Blenheim models (joining the Spitfires and Heinkel He-111‘s) so more aesthetics and 3d representations of the aircraft used. Also, joining the Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, Bristol Blenheim and Gloster Gladiator this time will be the Boulton Paul DefiantFairey Fulmar, Bristol Beaufighter upgrade and the twin engine cannon armed Westland Whirlwind.  For the Luftwaffe joining the arsenal of Messerschmitt Me109, Messerschmitt Me110, Junkers Ju87, Junkers Ju88, Heinkel He111 & Dornier Do17 will be the Heinkel He115, Heinkel He59, Focke-Wulf Fw200Henschel Hs123 & Henschel Hs126

To finish off and whet the appetite here’s part of the narrative from the game box.

“Goering……believed the RAF was no match for the powerful Luftwaffe. Hitler unleashed this massive air force on British radar, factories, and finally the cities themselves, in preparation for a seaborne invasion – Operation Sealion.  No conqueror’s foot had trod English soil for a thousand years.  Where Bonaparte failed, Hitler would succeed. All that stood between Britain and disaster was the RAF”.

  1. Peter says:

    “Each day will be fought on the actual day of the battle (commencing 11th August) and using the weather conditions that are outside my window.”

    I like the way you’re mixing historical data with modern-day randomizers in your games. :o)
    Not sure if I should wish you foul weather conditions in August just to impede the Luftwaffe’s endeavour.

    • simonsmrt says:

      Thanks for your comment. You are exactly right, normally bad weather works in the RAF ‘s favour especially with recovery but that will mean another rotten summer so I might just have to hope for decent weather and sacrifice another goat to those fickle dice gods for some good dice rolls this time. Cheers

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