Meatballs to you love – Nigel Slater Appetite recipe

Posted: June 20, 2013 in food heaven
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It’s fair to say we have a goodly share of cookbooks from celebrity chefs past and present. Remember Galloping Gourmet & Fanny Craddock? yep we have theirs. But after careful consideration I think I have to rate Mr Slaters Appetite as one of the best. Nothing too fancy but the recipes we have tried have invariably been in a word Unctuous (note to self must add to my logophile list). So let me take you through in picture form.

“Really juicy spicy meatballs”

page 372 paperback

Just smoked bacon, minced pork, shallots, chillies, coriander, lemon grass or lime leaves and garlic.

Almost all the work is on prep here as cooking takes minutes  so depending on how the duties are set out in your household someone will have more to do than the other.  We use a mezzoluna as oppose blender (the wife seems averse to it and prefers my sauber und ordentlich technique).


chop chillies and that’s shallot


add chopped (david borean/corian)der


then the lemon grass


Old birds hands! Add mince, chopped bacon & pancetta & get stuck in. Watch out for chilli finger!


sculpt into walnut dimension heaven and flatten slightly. This mixture was enough for 40 balls so plenty mixture to save for another time.


fry in pan with oil, juicy on inside, tasty savoury crust on outside


serve this effort with rice & garnish with green stuff – david boreanders this time – DEELISH

  1. t-girl72 says:

    They are MY old hands! Lovely delish dinner from the King of Recipes, the prepinrator isn’t too bad either, needs a new chopping board mind! xxxxxxxxxx

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