40 POINTS – Achieving the Everest of Premier Survival

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Crystal Palace, sport
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cpfc-primary-badge-642-px61-813693_478x359[1] Ok so the dust has now settled on our heroic win over those Italian Giants…………….Watford (tuff luck Hopkirk………) and a summer of brighton baiting beckons.  But at time of publishing with just the confirmation of Garvan and Ramage signing contracts and with the knowledge that Wilf Zaha is off to a wet Manchester mist ridden future, FFS Murray out until 2014 and our next highest scoring striker just 2 months shy of his 40th birthday and only capable of lasting 20 minutes its time for the crystal (EAGLES!) palace ball to try to work out where we can actually pick up some points to make the magic 40.  This is, I admit looking through some milk bottle thickness national health specs & a couple of bottles of rather nice Pinot Noir so the optimism factor has been turned up to Vince Hilairetastic.  So based on the season gone league positions here’s where we will/need to pick up those points

Man U – H1, A0

Man C – H0, A0

Chelski – H1, A0

Arsenal – H0, A0

Spurs – H1, A1

Everton – H0, A1

Liverpool – H3, A0

West Brom H3, A0

Swansea – H1, A1

West Ham – H1, A3

Norwich – H0, A1

Fulham – H3, A1

Stoke – H3, A1

Southampton H3, A1

Aston Villa – H1, A1

Newcastle – H3, A0

Sunderland – H3, A0

Cardiff – H1, A0

Hull – H3, A1

43 POINTS – Simples! with 3 points to spare too.  No matter what, we still turned over the Weed at their manor and have the best cheerleaders in the country, bring it on.

  1. t-girl72 says:

    LOL! Fingers crossed for a good season for the mighty Palace! xxxx

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