We REALLY REALLY HATE Brighton – 2-0 victory over the weed 2nd leg play-off victory 13 May 2013

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Crystal Palace, sport
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13/05/2013 UPDATE
SUCKER PUNCH! Get in. I decided to keep my powder dry after the defeat at the Gaymex in the league and then the mother of all play-off stalemates at Selhurst Park. BUT now after beating the seaweed filth at their manor for the second time in 2 seasons its time to celebrate. Even if we don’t win promotion (at the moment) I couldn’t care less. Beating your arch rivals who you utterly UTTERLY despise is ALL THAT MATTERS.
And apparently Mullery was sitting in the crowd the smug turd. Can it get any better, no!


brighton-v-crystal-palace[1]I like to regard myself as a fairly well adjusted sort of chap (ok I do talk to myself a lot but I put that down to being an only child) yet when the fixture list throws up Palace against the Seaweeds from sussex (west), in the space of a few hours I turn Jekyll and Hyde like into a stereotypical rabid football yobbo overflowing with out and out utter sheer hate towards the Sussex rivals who by some strange quirk of fate I now find being probably the nearest football club to where I live. Over the years I’ve lost count of how many people ask me bemusedly why Palace and Brighton are rivals being 50 miles apart although an infintiy in class. You’ll have to search the internet for a more coherent answer be it Venables & Mullery’s club rivalry when playing for spurs, eagles vs seagulls, mullerys…

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