Reverse the Polarity – Murray Gold – a cacophony of disapproval

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Doctor Who, Reverse the Polarity
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Oi Gold....nooooooooooo

Oi Gold….nooooooooooo”

My growing dissatisfaction with the relaunched Doctor Who is well known amongst friends and enemies alike. Right from the first episode where one of the most frightening monsters from the original series, the Autons turned up in a sanitised form running through at break neck speed what was effectively no script but a launch vehicle for the Doctors new chavtastic assistant I was harbouring doubts that at the time I kept to myself being carried along on the wave of euphoria with the series revival. But over the years its steadily and rather depressingly gotten to the point where I just watch, tut, and moan or in the case of those despicable new style teletubby wheelie bins swear my head off at the way a cherished series from my childhood has been so bastardised.
Russell “can you guess?” t Davies with his agenda of packing out the show with the audience of an Erasure concert doing a Judy Garland/Liza Minnelli tribute night  was so boring although not as irritating as his Adipose invention so when he handed over the reins to Moffat I was hopeful of a return to form. Sadly the BBC’s terrified fear of political correctness with the merchandise buying public means that regardless of script, in nearly every story they’ll be a couple who happen to be super cool and just happen to be in a same sex, quasi-religious, different race/species relationship. For a childrens programme originally pitched at 7 year olds? There have been some very good bits amongst the dross, the ann-droid, some of the humour, the first incarnation Daleks and of course The Weeping Angels but I’m in danger of writing an essay without even getting to the point of this post and thats Murray Gold.

Now I could live with a lot of what I’ve just moaned about as its normally just the sub plot stuff but with this “composer” I’m getting very cross. It took a while to realise just how irritating his “music” was but it winds me up so much now that I have to skip the intro theme music to the show. Delia Derbyshire must be turning in her grave at how he’s single handedly destroyed her epic iconic theme. Not only that but the sub-plot motif themes played repetitively throughout the show and at every occasion that specific character opens their mouth are absolutely pathetic and shows a total disrespect to an audience that are evidently incapable of picking up the mood of the moment.  Add to that the deafening “action” incidental music blasted over the dialogue and I fear the time to switch off for good is looming. Deep breath…………of course I won’t just yet (unless they retire the original classic Daleks for good for those primary colour blashphemous filth buckets) but why oh why did they have to muck up the signature tune and then get this fool to write such banal irrelevant tosh is beyond me. So for these very reasons he now has qualified for a place of infamy in my hall of Villains. “Mr Gold…….you’re name vill also go in ze book”

  1. Aren’t the daleks coming back this series? And cybermen too… seems like they are falling back on the old favourites as they are too lazy to think of anything new! And now Amy Pond as gone I am stuggling to find a reasons to watch this anymore.

  2. simonsmrt says:

    Well it is the 50th Anniversary so I’d expect a lot of the old favourites brought back, mutated and hacked about so as to not even resemble the original bloke in a rubber suit effort. Gatiss is writing a drama about how the bbc put the first show on which actually might be quite good. For me, the way to save the franchise/whoniverse would be to do some stand alone mini serials of some of the aliens seen in the tv show but with no doctor in them and pitched for a more adult audience but steering well clear of the camp torchwood style. ‘Im thinking maybe going way back to the birth of the cybermen showing how the humanoid Mondasians ultimately took the cybernetic route to glory. NO doctor, just scientists experimenting on body parts and creating the first proto-cybermen.

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