WARGAMES CHROME – CRUSADER REX VARIANT #1 – Cilicians, Ghazi’s & Muttawi’ah

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Crusader rex, wargames

richard_the_lionheart_statue_by_venozio-d41t7cj[1]Well after discovering that the links I put up on the CR part of my wargames blog don’t actually work, (you need a BGG account apparently) I’ve decided to save the docs another way and make accessible via this medium. So here it is. Crusader Rex Variant #1 Armenians of Cilicia, Ghazi’s and Muttawi’ah. I’ll make the other variant rules available in slower time and you will also be able to access via the CR part of the Wargames menu.
The idea was to add a few extra blocks/units to give a bit of historical flavour to elements or troops not covered in the original game. This entry went down fairly well on the BGG community with over 325 downloads to date so hopefully I’m doing something right that other old farts like me will appreciate.

So here it is:- Crusader_Rex_variant_1


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