“I’ve always played with fire, since when I was quite young………………..”

Posted: March 11, 2013 in musings
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IMG_1346as the lyrics to Peter & the Test tube babies song “Lets Burn” allude, I’m a bit of a closet pyromaniac (I also love that word, so much so that its going on my list of top words alongside fractious, vulgar et al). It doesn’t take much of an excuse when the temperature drops in sub-zero Sussex to light a fire and stare mesmerised at its beauty watching the flames form and reform just like the opening sequence from Tales of the Unexpected. This one wasn’t the best as the untreated bits of 2×4 had me jumping up every few seconds as it spat back and tried to burn the holy carpet but still, on a penitential night (another excellent word) with not much else to amuse apart from Victoria Coren it’ll have to do.

  1. t-girl72 says:

    It kept me toasty warm too!

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